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Atomic bomb radiocarbon dating

When the organic matter dies, it dies with the specific concentration of C-14 in its tissue (lets limit this discussion to animals) and because it is now dead, the organism is not getting any more carbon from anywhere.Now, The C-14 has a specific half life of 5730 years. As the The New York Times stated, in a eulogy accompanying the announcement of his unexpected and unnecessary death in 1937.

See also the timeline of the Discovery of the Elements Note Some events are grouped together to make it easier to follow a theme.

Or put another way, he was first to split the atom.

Any of his secondary discoveries, such as dating the age of the Earth, would have given fame to a lesser scientist.

Archimedes - Theory of Machines, Military Machines, Water Pump, Worm Gear, Compound Pulley, Calculation of π, Areas and Volumes, Limits 250 B.

Eratosthenes - Calculation of the Size of the Earth, Geography, Prime Numbers Sieve 220-206 B.

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For example, the first method invented to detect individual nuclear particles by electrical means, the Rutherford-Geiger detector, evolved into the Geiger-Muller tube.

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