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Over the past 15 years in Australia, the proportion of working women has increased significantly.

- is affiliated with oasis active an Australian based free online dating site.

is one of the International brands of oasis active.

Oasis covers markets in Canada, the USA as well as Europe and althought it may not be capturing the same market share as its parent oasis active did it is still a fast growing online dating site through out these (and other) regions.

They constantly supply contact from fake OS scammers, implying that they are from Australia- yes, Abbotsford predominantly. I joined but havent susbcribed, partly due to the fee schedule and partly due to all these terrible reviews. Been to similar websites where after you have paid the profiles are offline . You have to phone an overseas call center which services many of these sites. Other sites like Zoosk appear to have almost 100% real profiles, so obviously it can be done.

I cannot understand how they are legally able to continue. All these sites make it hard for one to cancel subscriptions. Without exaggeration, I receive at least 4 winks or messages from fake profiles ever day.

is based on an advertising revenue model, in that it earns its revenue by selling ad space on the oasis site pages.

Whereas this may be a little distracting at times the clear advantage is that this allows oasis to deliver a free service that can rival the paid dating service providers.

I was told I had a month free subscription and was stalked and harrassed with emails until I subscribed.

I had 9 stollen out of my I tunes account when I agreed to this 1 month free subscription I have had an embarrassing number of unsuitable matches considering everyone I get matched with is from a different state except my own. It makes a fool out of people when there at there lowest , most vonrable and feeling lonely. 99% of the profiles they have sent me in 3 months is of someone who doesn't exist.

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The outdoorsy Australian culture and the sports mad nation that helps make Australia so great, makes living in Australia a fun and relaxing environment and symbolizes the average Australian personality and lifestyle. They don't care One of the most attractive and alluring features of Australian women, and Australian's in general, is their care-free attitude.

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