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There are three available sections in Settings Menu: : In the Customize section, players can create a custom Avatar, and can select a skin for their Soldiers.However if you want to give feedback on my reviews, or inform me of any other websites I should consider for review you can contact me here.When you don’t feel like playing games anymore, just start using the popular 3D chat.Those unfamiliar with virtual worlds may wonder how avatar rape even happens.(You can access a short bibliography of online content devoted in part or in whole to issues involving virtual assault.) Typically, users encounter the act through three scenarios: You can lure others or be lured into it yourself. You can “grief” it — a term that means to cause grief — or suffer it because of a griefer.

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Avatar harassment and sexual assault remain controversial issues because institutions hosting virtual worlds are not accustomed to dealing with — or even discussing — digital forms of these distressing behaviors.

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