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There are 21 different arcanas (families of personas, for this purpose) and each has a corresponding social link.As you raise it, you gain bonus experience for personas of that arcana, making it easier to maximize their skills and increase their, and your, power.And came up with nothing worth while and on my search I found this site , which has some romance based games but need more for both audiences.I have been conversing with my friend for ideas but have been stuck at every turn I went straight to the source, the choice of games public. I think they should be more inclusive; it is the 21st century, I'm sure a lot of people would have no qualms with a dating sim that would allow for the gay/lesbian community to equally enjoy the game without targetting the game primarily at that audience (let the player choose their gender/romance partner). Besides, I've noticed that published choice games have strived to do just that.

If you are adverse to shouting names in public like you have some kind of celebrity Tourette syndrome, you can use multiple choice or Initials mode.During day-time you can strengthen your social links (date girls, participate in clubs, hang out with friends) which will benefit your personas of the respective category.For example, if you create new personas, they'll get an experience boost based on their corresponding social link.I will try and keep this short but a would really appreciate the ideas and opinions of the users of choice of games. Something diverse; dating sims are usually only targeting one audience. But as far as dating sims go, that diversity has yet to be seen.And besides Co R, there is no choice game focusing solely on romance (i.e.

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Players get to see the photo of a celebrity and have to quickly shout his or her name and press the big red button (because every game is made better by a big red button).

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