Husband chats about sex

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Husband chats about sex

Just like there are different kinds of cheaters, I also think there are different types of online affairs.So while this post won’t answer the age-old question of why did he cheat?In this case, figure out what you find acceptable and what you do not.Maybe looking at porn is fine for you, but live chats aren’t.How disgustingly humiliating must it have been for the intern who walked in on that???He tries to hide the extent of it from me, but I know that the reason he is up all night in his study really isn't because his boss has given him another deadline., it will shed some light into the world of online affairs—something many women who visit this site can understand all too well.

If you’re going to freak out and call him names or threaten to leave him just to get him to say he’ll stop doing it, he’s not going to be able to trust you with the truth. So be the person he can tell the truth to, to the very best of your abilities.A quick look at his search history shows that he spends up to six or seven hours a day on porn sites and sex chat rooms.His crazy behaviour has pushed our marriage to the brink.He neglects his responsibilities at home and at work because he is so distracted with watching his dirty little videos.He has even been caught watching porn and masturbating in his office at work!

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