Online dating big women with curves

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Online dating big women with curves

Luxy dating app has made millionaire dating much easier and interesting.

Luxy, which was specifically developed for the gorgeous and wealthy individuals is today being used by hundreds of millionaires around the world- United States, Canada, England, Australia, Japan, German, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, Hong Kong and much more.

In light of yesterday’s controversial piece by Maura Kelly, I’m posting a story by Jennifer Abramowitz (as told to me), an amazing plus-size woman who recently spoke openly to me about her experience dating in New York City.

This piece was bought by a national women’s magazine, then killed, and I think now is the time to post it. I’m also a publicist, an extrovert, a bargain-shopper extraordinaire and an unbelievably good friend.

So I'm curious if this is as common as people claim, or its simply an 'Internet Tough Guy' type of story popularly fabricated.Some millionaires are usually known to fly wherever they are interested in just to look out for their ideal type of woman.With luxy, you can always reach out to your preferred type of girls without having to travel.Just like an ordinary man, millionaires are known to have varying tastes for ladies.According to the latest Luxy surveys, wealthy singles are said to have different dating preferences.

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At the other end of the spectrum, in Italian Vogue recently, Gabourey Sidibe was described as a “curvy actress.” And the New York Daily News characterized Bridesmaids star Melissa Mc Carthy as a “curvy comedian.” We all know the magazines are just being polite in these cases.

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