Package keywords needs updating

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Package keywords needs updating

The most common Linux shell is BASH (Bourne Again Shell). Portage is a package management system that is used by Gentoo and Sabayon to install, uninstall and maintain software on your system from the source code. You need a Sabayon Linux or a Gentoo Linux installation, a working brain (not everybody has one :), some eyes and the ability to read, think and learn. How do I install software in Sabayon from source code?I created it because I have over 80 packages that I use in Emacs, and things were getting difficult to manage.Yet with this utility my total load time is around 2 seconds, with no loss of functionality!Slightly different from binding a key to a keymap, is binding a key if you know for a fact that some other package will do something to cause your package to load at the appropriate time, and thus you would like to defer loading even though use-package isn't creating any autoloads for you. This way, deferred loading can help your Emacs to start as quickly as possible.Additionally, if an error occurs while initializing or configuring a package, this will not stop your Emacs from loading.All packages should specify a license so that users know how they are permitted to use it and any restrictions that you are placing on it.

Technically, the Shell is actually the environment of the command line and not just the front-end for it. Alt-F2 is the global shortcut for this (it works in KDE, Gnome, XFCE, etc); it can also be accessed by right-clicking on the Desktop and selecting Run Command from the menu. Finally, the EASIEST and BEST method for Sabayon or Gentoo is using Portage / emerge.Notes for users upgrading to 2.x are located at the bottom.Here is the simplest expects that commands are functions that will be autoloaded from the given package.The Portage system consists of the Portage tree which is a collection of ebuilds, the emerge command which follows the instructions in ebuilds (special scripts), the Portage configuration files and the third-party Portage / emerge tools.The Portage tree is a local copy (located in /usr/portage/) of the central ebuild repository.

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To get into a Root Shell either use the su (switch user) command by typing su - (the "-" means change to that user's settings and home directory) or press Alt-F2 and type kdesu shellprogram or gnomesu shellprogram where shellprogram is "konsole", "gnome-terminal", "xterm" (without the quotes) or another. The most useful toolbar known to new Sabayon users is the Run Command Dialog, which allows you to run all sorts of programs and commands simply by typing the name of the command and pressing Enter. GENERALLY YOU WILL WANT TO IGNORE THE FIRST METHOD BELOW!!! For specific examples or command line examples with all the correct options for each step use Google :), or your brain.

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