Scott michael foster and spencer grammer dating in real life

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At the conclusion of The Last Knight, all surviving Autobots left Earth and returned to Cybertron.Optimus Prime (voiced by Peter Cullen) is the second, leader of the Autobots after Sentinel, the last Prime of Dynasty of Primes, one of the Knights of Cybertron, keeper of the Matrix of Leadership and the narrator of the series.It's going to look very similar, but there are elements of it that are new. So they were like, "We'll put a wig on you, I guess." The wig looked There is a reindeer. When we got the first script, Sven was in it, and I expected this moose—like a giant beast with antlers that you can ride. A reindeer is a deer with antlers, kind of close to caribou. Amber Stevens (Ashleigh) is getting married to Andy West, who played the character Fisher—he was the hot guy that worked at the Zeta Beta House. It's gotten sort of a cult following, which is really cool.Nobody expected that to happen when we were shooting it.In five films, 35 Autobots have appeared in the series. By the end of Dark of the Moon, ten Autobots remained on Earth.After five years, the Transformers Reaction Force, Cemetery Wind, and Lockdown eliminate some of them.

There are six chapters, arranged into four seasons.Greek (typographically stylized GRΣΣK) is an American comedy-drama television series that aired on ABC Family from July 9, 2007 to March 7, 2011.The series follows students of the fictitious Cyprus-Rhodes University (CRU), located in Ohio, who participate in the school's Greek system.Optimus transforms into a 1997 red and blue Peterbilt 379 semi-trailer truck built by truck designer Dave Porter of Wright City, MO.The selection of the Peterbilt, a more aggressive truck compared to the original flat-nosed truck from the animated series was also made as a nod to Spielberg's film Duel.

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In the first film, Optimus Prime arrives on earth with Ratchet, Ironhide, and Jazz trying to find the All Spark.

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